Keep it in mind
How it started


In february my grandmother got the diagnose dementia.
After this news I started researching the disease.

The overall image was so negative, that I wanted to do something about this. In the public area there is enough room for interaction and independent activities. But it doesn’t happen, because they are not provided with the right tools.

People with dementia still need distraction and some physical activity.
It’s easy to get trapped by focusing only on the losses – what the cognitively impaired can no longer do, worrying chiefly about the future.
The “keep it in mind” line of products helps build focus on what the patient can still do in the present.

So the line consists out of:

Tractable games
the games hardly need any explanation, can be played alone or together and are based on known games from the past. This makes it possible for people with dementia to play the games independent and make up the rules as they go. In this way it keeps giving the same sense of achievement without the chance of getting it wrong!

Activity products
the products will use themes of everyday adult life to help stimulate memories and revolves around reminiscing. By creating different looking products that relate directly to the life experience that patients have, I created a more humane and appropriate way to occupy and involve these patients.

Results show that the experience of success does wonders for building confidence of someone with dementia.
Having the right type of distraction is essential and can help to minimize unwanted behaviors and slow the rate of cognitive decline, as they are able to stay active in a way that makes sense for them.